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SpinBit Casino Reviews from New Zealand Players

We at SpinBit Casino are sure that providing quality services to punters is not enough to be considered one of the best players in the online gambling market. Only an honest attitude towards customers and a desire to listen to their wishes and take them into account in their work contribute to business development. 

We are glad that New Zealand gamblers speak highly of our services, trust them, and recommend our site to friends. Every registered player can leave a SpinBit review to share their experience with newcomers, as well as help us get better. 

SpinBit Casino Reviews 

SpinBit Casino operates under the licence of Curacao (No. 8048/JAZ2020-13), which convincingly indicates its legality. We will always provide our New Zealand customers with reliable services and strive to improve their quality. Your feedback contributes to this. We gratefully accept reasonable criticism. The SpinBit reviews are not only an opportunity to speak out and share experiences with other players. Our casino uses this information to progress and win the competition from other gambling operators. On this page, we have collected for you examples of SpinBit reviews written by regular customers from New Zealand. These are not only positive comments but also criticism, because we want to be as honest with you as possible.

  1. Deborah says:

    I’m new to the game and had never played at an online casino before Spinbit, but I had seen my father play a couple of times. Slots fascinated me, and as soon as I turned 18 I decided to try my luck. I found out about this operator from my father and it was on this site that I decided to sign up. I was happy to learn that you can manage an account from the age of 18, so I created it without any problems. I’m still just learning how to play, but everything is fine, especially the support team, who has helped me more than once as I explore the Spinbit services.

  2. Emily says:

    You’re unlikely to meet a bigger slots fan in New Zealand than me! I would probably spin the reels every minute of my life if I had the opportunity. However, maybe it’s for the best that Spinbit warns its customers about the risks of gaming addiction. This is an honest approach that inspires respect.
    That’s why I try to set aside a couple of hours a day to play. My favourite provider? — BGaming! I was glad to see that there are many games of this company on this website, for example, Lady Wolf Moon and Aloha King Elvis!

  3. Hugo says:

    Bad site! I wanted to register quickly and earn money because I am confident in my luck and ability to play poker! However, it turned out that Spinbit does not allow people under the age of 18 to use the site’s services. This is absurd! Yes, I am 16, not 18, but what does it matter if I intend to spend my money on this casino? Do I have to wait until I’m of age? — No way, I’d rather look for another site that doesn’t have such requirements.

  4. Lillie says:

    I want to say thank you to the Spinbit support service for helping me, an absolute newbie with the first steps in the status of a client of their online casino. I don’t have any friends who could tell me what to do, but the site staff assisted me. Thanks to their advice, after registration I easily coped with the deposit replenishment. I was so worried! Now I’m getting ready to play for real money in slots for the first time. It feels so magical. I wish you all good luck!

  5. Willow says:

    I am a very careful person and try never to take risks. I used to play on another site, but heard a lot of good things about Spinbit, and decided to try its services. Before that, I studied user reviews and then started analysing the casino. I liked that it has a licence, which means that the operator is legally operating. Another important point is that Spinbit adheres to the principles of Responsible play and helps problem punters. All this convinced me of the reliability and security of the portal, and for several days now I have been having a great time here.

  6. Benjamin says:

    I am a big fan of games with real dealers, and I was glad to learn that there is a large selection of such entertainment on the Spinbit website. Slots are too simple in gameplay for me, but blackjack or poker is another matter! What’s more, it turns out that this online casino offers Game Shows! If you have never participated in such activities, then I advise you to fix this error urgently. Launch Crazy Time or Dream Catcher to get a fantastic experience of playing unique games, then thank me!

  7. Isabelle says:

    Explain to me why Spinbit requires my documents for verification? Why should I provide such personal information about myself to people whom I have never seen, and am unlikely to see? How do I know how they will dispose of information about where I live and how they use my passport data?
    We live in difficult times, and I would not like to disclose information about myself to a gambling site, even if it has a good reputation. I’d better look for another casino that won’t require documents!

  8. James says:

    I have only one complaint about Spinbit, but it affected my attitude toward the site. During registration, I liked their Welcome Package, and I decided to claim it. And I was wrong, it turned out that bonuses have some wagering requirements, and it needs to be done in just seven days. At first, I thought that I was just deceived and wrote to the support service, but they proved to me that all the rules and conditions of participation in the promotion are presented in its description. That is, it turns out I was inattentive. That is, it turns out that I was inattentive, but the impressions remained negative.

  9. Cooper says:

    What do I like about Spinbit? — I guess I like everything. These are cool bonuses, an ocean of games, and prize tournaments. In general, whatever you call it, everything is fine. And don’t think that my comment is paid for. Although you can think what you want, I don’t care — I’m just sharing my impressions. And so I wanted to say that Spinbit has come up with a great idea to show the latest winnings and the biggest winnings on the website with the games in the widgets. This motivates Kiwis to try their luck, and also allows them to make sure that the casino is honest. Well done!

  10. Harry says:

    I hope my comment will be useful to someone. I have already played on the Spinbit website before, but I forgot the authorization data and decided to register again. However, I was told that one player cannot own two or more accounts, otherwise sanctions will be applied to him or her. Fortunately, the casino support service has helped me regain access to my old account, and I am enjoying the process of playing in familiar conditions.
    I appeal to newbies — do not be afraid to ask for help from the Spinbit support service. I was convinced by my example that these guys are really able to help!

  11. Finn says:

    I registered on the Spinbit portal on the recommendation of a friend. I was immediately interested in the VIP program, because, you know, I used to feel special. So I opened this section and read the terms of participation. In general, they are quite understandable — spend money in slots and get points and new statuses. Nothing new. However, on the same page, the casino offers to download the Telegram messenger app, and a special link to receive unique VIP offers. And it seems suspicious to me. Why download something? Give me these VIP offers immediately, and write to my account messages or email. In general, I did not download anything. No way!

  12. Felix says:

    I have had a negative experience playing in an online casino in my life. Likewise, I won’t mention the name of this site, otherwise, you never know, someone will want to make sure that I’m telling the truth and register there. Fortunately, Spinbit has restored my faith that you can find a good slots casino on the Internet. Since the moment of registration, I have never had any regrets about the fact that I created an account here and played for my own money. There is a special attitude towards Kiwis on this portal, and I am definitely ready to recommend Spinbit to my fellow countrymen.

  13. Rosa says:

    Holy smokes! This SpinBit casino is a whole new level of slammin’! I cannot even express how stoked I am about the insane welcome package they offer, yo. I’m talking about some serious moolah here! And the best part is, when it comes to the gaming, 2By2 Gaming is seriously crushing it. These guys know how to make the reels spin like crazy and the rewards just keep a-comin’. I’ve hit some seriously epic wins on their games, and I am beyond thrilled. SpinBit casino is definitely my jam, and I’m shouting it from the rooftops. If you’re looking for some rad gaming and sweet, sweet rewards, then SpinBit is the way to go, bro!

  14. Patricia says:

    I gotta say, SpinBit casino had me feeling all kinds of ways! From the moment I signed up, I was blown away by their selection of games – they had everything I was looking for and more. The graphics were top-notch and the gameplay was smooth as butter. But, there were a couple of things that could have been better. For example, the game provider Fantasma could have used a bit more variety in their offerings – don’t get me wrong, the games were great, but after a while, they all started to feel the same. Overall though, I had a pretty neutral experience with SpinBit – solid casino, but with a few areas for improvement.

  15. Erik says:

    Yo, let me tell you about SpinBit casino! This place is straight fire! The slots are lit, the table games are sick, and the jackpots are insane! But the real MVP here is the payment system! I’m talking about Revolut, baby! You can log in with just a few taps and the whole process is smooth as butter! No more waiting around for days to get your winnings – with Revolut, it’s all there in seconds! SpinBit and Revolut, you guys are the real MVPs of the casino game! Boom!

  16. Andrea says:

    Lemme tell ya, SpinBit casino ain’t half bad. The Gold Diggers game had me digging for more, with its flashy graphics and smooth gameplay. The payouts were decent, but could’ve been better. The customer service was chill, but could’ve been more responsive. Overall, not a bad time, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

  17. Irma says:

    Holy smokes, I gotta tell y’all about my time at SpinBit casino. My mind was blown when I saw they accepted good ol’ Ethereum as payment! As a crypto fanatic, I was just too hyped to finally find a casino that accepted it. And let me tell ya, the process was smoother than butter, none of that bullsh*t wait time. I was jumping around like a kid on Christmas morning with how quick the payment went through. Icing on the cake? The phenomenal selection of games had me grinning ear to ear, and the customer service had me feeling like a damn king. SpinBit, y’all have won my heart!

  18. Lauren says:

    SpinBit casino is fire!! I played Live Roulette and I felt like a bossman, winning some mad stacks. The game is so smooth, the graphics are clean and the dealers are super chill. I have never had such a good time playing online before. The vibe is mad positive and hype, I felt like I was really at the casino. The website is easy to use, that’s a big plus because my time is precious, ya feel me? SpinBit is like my new favourite spot, I can’t get enough. If you’re looking for a sick time and some serious winnings, then hit up SpinBit casino, no doubt!

  19. Tamara says:

    “Damn, that SpinBit casino knows how to make a gambler sing with joy! I hit a hot streak with 5Men Gaming and man, it was like getting struck by lightning- electrifying! The graphics on their games were breathtaking, and I was hooked from the second I spun the reels. The feeling of winning was intense and the whole time, I felt like a kingpin of the Casino. Even the betting interface had me in awe with how seamless it was. SpinBit plus 5Men Gaming is a killer combo that I can’t get enough of. Definitely my go-to place for some thrilling gambling action. Kudos to the folks who put it all together. They know what makes us excited and happy!”

  20. Ajla says:

    SpinBit is a casino that is quite entertaining, but for Starburst, I couldn’t deny that there was room for improvement. I really loved their customer service, as they were always available to address my concerns, and the payment speed was amazing. However, playing Starburst was not all that, I couldn’t find any distinguishing characteristics of the game, and its chances of winning were pretty low. Furthermore, the betting range wasn’t stable, which was a major turn off for me. Despite all these issues, SpinBit is a decent platform for anyone, so I would recommend it.

  21. Jasmin says:

    Okay, let me spin some truth about SpinBit’s Mega Wheel. First off, the game is thrilling and heart-racing. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the anticipation of where that wheel was gonna stop! Unfortunately, there were a few technical glitches that hindered my experience. The spin would lag at times, making me anxious that my bet may not be accounted for. On top of that, the payout ratios seemed a bit off. I wanted to come out on top, but it felt like it was weighted against me. All in all, SpinBit has potential, but they need to iron out some kinks before claiming to be top-notch.

  22. Ander says:

    SPIN TO WIN BABY! SpinBit Casino is straight fire when it comes to progressive slots! Every time I play, my heart races with excitement and anticipation, will I hit the jackpot this time or what?! I can’t get enough of their thrilling games, filled with amazing graphics and sound effects that make me feel like I’m in a real-life casino! The payout rates are insane! The more I put in, the more I get back! Plus, their customer service is unmatched, always quick to answer any questions I have, and super friendly! I can’t recommend SpinBit Casino enough, this is the only place you need to be for the ultimate slot experience, YEAH BUDDY!

  23. Andreas says:

    Man, let me tell ya, SpinBit casino blew my mind! I was nervous about depositing my hard-earned cash, but luckily they offered this kick-ass payment method called Flexipin. Let me just say, it was the easiest, most stress-free experience I’ve ever had with a casino. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of dope games they had to offer, tons of variety to keep me entertained for hours. All in all, I’m pumped I stumbled on this gem and will definitely be back!

  24. Lori says:

    I stopped by SpinBit casino to play some Teen Patti and I have mixed feelings about the experience. On one hand, the casino offered a decent selection of games and many exciting bonuses. On the other hand, some aspects of the experience could have been better. The dealers lacked enthusiasm and failed to create an engaging atmosphere, which made playing less fun than I had anticipated. Furthermore, I would have appreciated a faster gameplay, as some rounds dragged out more than they needed to. Overall, while my time at SpinBit had some enjoyable moments, it fell short of being a truly remarkable casino.

  25. hugo says:

    SpinBit casino blew my mind with their thrilling game, Rummy! It had me hooked from the get-go, and I couldn’t get enough of it! The graphics and sound effects were on point, and I felt like I was in a real casino, even though I was in my PJs on my couch. However, I did encounter some lagging issues that were frustrating to deal with. Also, some aspects of the rules were a little unclear, which made me feel like I was at a disadvantage when playing. All in all, SpinBit is a pretty decent casino, and I’d definitely recommend it to my card game-loving friends!

  26. Nadine says:

    Woooh, what an energy-packed adventure I had at SpinBit Casino! I gotta say, I was super thrilled with their payment system Interac – it was like the perfect icing on a delicious cake, you know? From the start to the end, the system was speedy and ultra-convenient, leaving me feeling elated and grateful. It made me deposit and withdraw with 100% confidence, enabling me to kick back, relax and have all the fun that I was craving for. Kudos to SpinBit Casino and their fantastic Interac payment system – see y’all soon, ‘coz I’m already craving for more!

  27. Alia says:

    Daaang, SpinBit casino is the bomb! I was over the moon when I saw they accept Paysafe Card for my casino payments. This was totally clutch because I don’t like giving out my bank details and shiz. Using Paysafe was hassle-free and quicker than a cheetah on Red Bull. I was able to deposit my cash in 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail and start playing their top games in no time. The casino layout is tight and their slots and table games are on fleek. Customer support is the real MVP – they’re hella friendly and gave me sick advice when I had questions about wagering requirements cuz I’m still a casino noob. SpinBit casino – you rock my world!

  28. jordan says:

    I gotta say, SpinBit casino left me feeling pretty meh after my time spent there. While the games provided by Bally had the potential for fun, the lack of variety left me feeling a little bored. The layout of the casino itself wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, but it was far from amazing. Customer service was decent, but nothing to write home about. All in all, it was just an alright experience. If you’re looking to kill some time and blow some cash, SpinBit could do the trick. But if you’re looking for a mind-blowing casino experience, you might want to keep looking elsewhere.

  29. Amine says:

    SpinBit is the real deal when it comes to making bank while feeling adrenaline-junky high! I first stumbled upon this golden gem while looking for a Video Poker oasis to quench my thirst for big winnings. And boy, did SpinBit deliver! The interface is sleek and easy to navigate, plus the graphics are sleek AF. The jackpots are constantly popping off, which keeps me coming back for more. Plus, the customer service is top-notch, answering my questions faster than my fingers can butter my toast. Overall, I can confidently say that SpinBit has hit that sweet spot by a million miles, I ain’t never leaving!

  30. Hailey says:

    As a fan of online casinos, I gave SpinBit a whirl and can honestly say it left me feeling pretty average. The payment system using Ethereum was smooth sailing, but it didn’t exactly get my heart racing. However, I did find some aspects of the casino a bit lackluster. For one, the user interface was kind of boring and I struggled to stay engaged during my gaming sessions. Additionally, customer service left something to be desired- not exactly the warm and fuzzy experience I was hoping for. Despite that, I can see why some folks might enjoy SpinBit. It’s got some decent games and a pretty straightforward system, but it didn’t hit the jackpot for me.

  31. Christoph says:

    OMG, my adrenaline is still pumping after my session at SpinBit casino playing Cash or Crash! Let me tell you, this game isn’t for the faint of heart but boy is it thrilling! I was so hyped up I couldn’t sit still. My heart was in my throat as the number climbed higher and higher and then it happened- I cashed out big time! I screamed so loud all my neighbors must have thought I won the lottery! SpinBit, you’ve got me hooked for life. You guys are the real deal and there’s no doubt, I’ll be back for more. Keep those jackpots coming!

  32. Joleen says:

    Holy moly, y’all! I gotta give a big shoutout to SpinBit casino for their wicked payment system, Flexipin! It was the bomb-dot-com, seriously! It was so easy to use and freakin’ quick! I slapped my card down, entered my payment code and BOOM – instant funds! No delays, no complications, just pure scorchin’ hot cash flow. I was squealing with excitement and danced around my living room like a maniac! The power Flexipin gave me was straight up spine-tingling! I can’t thank SpinBit enough for such an amazeballs experience! It’s a must-try for any gambling beast out there!

  33. Azra says:

    What a rush, man! The SpinBit casino blew my mind! I was skeptical about using Bitcoin Cash to recharge my account, but I gave it a go – and wowza! It was so fast and easy, I couldn’t believe it. And once I got to playing, I couldn’t stop! The wins were rolling in and my adrenaline was pumping! This casino is so groovy, I’m definitely gonna come back for more. SpinBit, you’re the real deal!

  34. Umut says:

    Holy sh*t, y’all! SpinBit casino and that payment system Neosurf? F*cking blew my mind with how easy and fast it was. I swear to god, I had a little cry of happiness when I saw that money pop up on my account. I legit felt like a high-roller, even though it was just a modest deposit. The whole casino experience was off-the-charts sick, but Neosurf just took it to a whole ‘nother level. I bumped fists with my mate after I hit that deposit button, and we both just grinned like bloody fools. If you’re not using Neosurf at SpinBit, seriously, what are you even doing with your life??

  35. nicolas says:

    OMG! I hit the jackpot at SpinBit casino and receiving payment with USDT was an absolute dream come true! The entire process was so simple and hassle-free, I almost couldn’t believe it! I cried tears of joy as my balance increased and my heart raced with excitement. SpinBit’s USDT payment system is legit AF! With it, I was able to make deposits and withdraw my winnings within minutes! It was a total game-changer and I can’t wait to go back and do it all over again!

  36. Natasha says:

    Okay, so listen up folks, I just had the BEST time at SpinBit casino playing Minesweeper. My heart was pounding as I clicked those tiles, working my way towards the jackpot – and I freaking won it! The whole atmosphere at SpinBit is incredible, I felt like I was in my own world, oblivious to everything else. The staff are so friendly and attentive, they really know how to treat their customers. And let’s not forget the bonuses – they definitely came in handy. I’m definitely coming back to SpinBit for more crazy fun and hopefully bigger wins!

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